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the rise and fall

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—  quentin tarantino as quentin tarantino in a quentin tarantino movie

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real talk tangled is better than frozen 

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Drax’s quips were so good

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Joaquín Sorolla, c. 1880

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Les Misérables, Victor Hugo

Vol 2, Book 8

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'The comedies of William Shakespeare' with many drawings by Edwin A. Abbey. Published 1896 by Harper and Brothers, New York.
See the complete book here.
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Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.
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The Iron Throne as described in the novels, officially endorsed by GRRM on his blog as the most accurate artistic representation thus far. By artist Marc Simonetti.


What the fuck that isn’t safe

No, it’s not. The histories talk about how the throne is cruel to unworthy kings. Jaime would talk about how Aerys Targaryen would constantly be covered in scabs from sitting on the throne carelessly. 

'No man should sit comfortably upon the throne'

It is meant to be an ugly, monstrous beauty. And several times during the books Joffrey cuts himself on throne.

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ppl my age have children what the hell i am a children

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  vintage French postcard from the early 1900’s

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